Saemaul Undong, Contributing to the Development of the Republic of Korea


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Welcome to Saemaul Undong Archives.

Korea Saemaul Undong Center systematically manages various types of valuable records of approximately 14,000 types and 20,0000
items such as general documents, audio-visuals, books including periodicals related to Saemaul Undong in the Saemaul Museum and
Saemaul Undong Archives.

  • 1. Documents
    Trainee lists, training reviews, discussion charts, training reports, trainee records, letter from training
    participants, Saemaul Undong reports, best practice, promotional materials, pictorials, training materials,
    success stories, etc.
  • 2. Books
    Saemaul Undong related periodicals, theoretical books, general materials, history books, textbooks,
    newsletters, maters and doctorate theses, general books, etc.
  • 3. Papers
    Daily newspapers, newspaper clippings
  • 4. Audio-visuals
    Film reels, lectures and discussion tapes, slides, albums, etc.
  • 5. Collection
    Saemaul Undong related industrial products, exhibits, orders of merit, certificates of leader, Saemaul
    flag, daybreak bell, etc.