Saemaul Undong, Contributing to the Development of the Republic of Korea


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Date of Foundation
April 26, 1983
1st Floor : Exhibition room, Archives, Audio-visual room, PR room,
Museum storage (1,605㎡)
Basement : Electric room, Machine room, Warehouse
  • Image Wall
    The Saemaul mark is made up of 1972 pieces of combinational patterns in depressed engravings and embossed carvings. The number 1972 represents the beginning year of Saemaul training and the patterns represent the hope for the 50 million men and women of our nation to participate in Saemaul Undong.
  • Time Tunnel
    The place where old photos of the 36 year old of Japanese Colonial Era, the Korean war, and such times and status of our country is on display.
  • Thatched roof houses
    The thatched roof house, which represents the poverty.
  • Daybreak Bell
    Daybreak Bell which played the role in awakening helpless residents
  • Globalization of
    Saemaul Undong
    Introducing the globalization of Saemaul Undong as an international model for local community development.
  • Saemaul Sprout
    Saemaul Sprout which symbolizes dynamic aspects of the Saemaul Undong
  • Shipjangsengdo
    Shipjangsengdo which has the meaning of hope for eternal growth of Saemaul Undong
  • Saemaul Undong
    Planning Drafts
    The paper written by president Park Chung-hee himself, and it well portrays how Saemaul Undong should be propelled.
  • Saemaul Undong Process
    A view of villages transformed through Saemaul Cooperative Projects implemented step by step