Saemaul Undong, Contributing to the Development of the Republic of Korea

Saemaul Spirit

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Basically, the Saemaul spirits of diligence, self-help, and cooperation represent “creative determination, independent responsibility, and productive solidarity,” but other diverse meanings have been emphasized according to the group and the Saemaul project implemented.
This shows that the individual virtues of the Saemaul spirit have various meanings and contain the characteristics and elements.
In order to gain an accurate understanding of these individual virtues, it is necessary to extend their meanings.

Expansion of elements and meanings of the basic spirit of Saemaul

  • Basic spirit Orientation Expansion of elements and meanings
  • Spirit of diligence Improve implementation Hard-working, steady, pioneering spirit, indomitable spirit, frugal, faithful, honesty, impartial, creative, determined spirit ▶ Creative determination
  • Spirit of self-help Inspire sense of duty Autonomy, self-reliant spirit, confidence, obligation, responsibility, sense of duty, independent spirit, sense of ownership ▶ Independent responsibility
  • Spirit of cooperation Enhance productivity Efficiency, productivity, solidarity, harmony, coexistence, co-prosperity, consideration, altruism, solidarity, sharing, volunteering, community spirit ▶ Productive solidarity

The basic spirit of Saemaul, including diligence, self-help, and cooperation, may seem quite simple at first, but if you go into more detail, you will find that the meanings are considerably deep and profound. Therefore, by expanding and reinterpreting the meanings, going beyond spatial and temporal limitations, it is possible to extract core virtues from the movement in order to reform its spirit when applied to specific regions or at different times.